Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stack-O-Lee : Samuel L. Jackson

I snuck off to the movie theater this week and caught Black Snake Moan, the second film major by Craig Brewer. This director is growing on me, much like David O. Russell did and probably for similar reasons. They're not the most technically skilled filmmakers out there, but their stories (and voices) are original and daring. They don't seem to worry too much about how the audience or the studio will accept the film, especially not if that gets in the way of telling their stories.

Blamer's other film was Hustle & Flow, the first movie in a long time to so completely surprise me. On the surface, it's about a pimp that wants to be a rapper. Deep down, it's also about independent filmmaking and struggling to make your mark in a world that is so full of forces beyond your control.

Black Snake Moan is about the blues, and as Son House explains in the beginning of the film : "Ain't but one kind of blues, and that consists between male and female that's in love." The rest of the movie embodies the blues, both in theme and in the music that it's soaked in. I love the way it is so full of music from one end to another, but it's definitely not a mere musical where life is about breaking into song. It's reality. It's grit.

I'm not really into the blues, but i liked it all so much that i got the soundtrack from iTunes. P2P sites rarely have much from soundtracks so get this track while you can and buy the rest if you like it.
"I've been into blues ever since I was thirteen and saw Risky Business with Tom Cruise going around that city with his black Ray-Bans, listening to Muddy Waters. ...Tom Cruise, god bless him, is responsible in an odd way for Black Snake Moan."
-- Craig Brewer, in an interview with Nerve

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