Thursday, January 25, 2007

Backstage Girl - DJ Shadow

I bought DJ Shadow's new album when it came out a few weeks ago, almost as penance for all of the albums of his that i love so much but never paid a dime for. It was also out of hope that it would be as good as some of his others. There i go hoping again.

I started listening to DJ Shadow as part of UNKLE, specifically the Getting Ahead in the Lucrative Field of Artist Management track, which i still love, though he has better tracks. I don't know if he's hip-hop or techno or trip-hop or what, but he knows what he's doing.

That said, i was completely disappointed by his latest album: the Outsider. There are only a few tracks that i really like and it's difficult to make it through the whole album in one sitting. Most DJ Shadow albums serve as great soundtracks for focusing on work, but this one just bugs me. Seems to have too much angry rap in it for my tastes.

But... (there's always a but) i do like this track. It makes me laugh and the beat is good. The mySpace line is a great punchline. enjoy..



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Blogger Denise said...

They are oh-so-different...but I love both of the songs you posted last week! I hear that DJ Shadow is becoming an arrogant ass in his old-age, so thanks for saving me the suffering of wading through a rubbish album but giving me the treat of this song - it cracks me up. And the Jose Gonzalez song is so sweet...

Thank goodness for people with good taste in a variety of music...

1/29/2007 6:32 PM  

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