Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brian Eno ~ Album Title Tracks

Is this blog still alive?? Aside from "handsome" men comments, there hasn't been anything interesting on here for awhile. :-)

I don't expect everyone out there to like these next two tracks but I thought it would be nice to post something new. Brian Eno is quite simply a genius and was decades before his time. It blows me away that Music For Airports came out in 1977 -- Eno literally pioneered ambient music.

The album Here Come The Warm Jets has very much a 70's glam feel to it. (You may recognize Needle in the Camel's Eye from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.) The final song on the album (track of the same title) is the first time you can really hear Eno start to depart from the weird glam of 1974 and venture into ambient music....

Here Come The Warm Jets - January 1974

Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy has grown on me tremendously. The rest of the album you probably need to be stoned for.

Taking Tiger Mountain - November 1974

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Blogger simply susie said...

Hey Joe,

How do you do it? I love the new Brian Eno songs, especially "Taking Tiger Mountain." Despite your self deprecating questioning, the blog is definately alive.

Keep posting,

1/07/2007 10:44 AM  
Anonymous joe said...

gotta watch the Posted By line on the post: this one's not mine.

Plenty of people have the opportunity to keep this blog alive, not just me. I'm happy to share what new stuff i have, when i have the time, but more voices always make it better.

1/07/2007 12:38 PM  

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