Friday, October 27, 2006

Rockabye Lullabyes

This one's a little odd, but i guess i shouldn't be surprised by it. Someone decided that what their kids really needed to help them fall asleep were lullabye renditions of modern rock songs. Yes, really. Sure, my own kids have a love for certain songs from my own playlists when it comes to bedtime, but they're pretty predictable ones like Hallelujah and Israel K's Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I never would have guessed at Metallica though. So of course as soon as i heard about these, i had to go out and find some. Not as good as i expected them to be, but they certainly hold a certain kitch value. Some of them sound like simple renditions done on a home computer midi box. Maybe they should have included the lyrics as well, though little Timmy might not sleep so well if he heard "sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight..." in his lullabye.

Listen: Enter Sandman [buy on Amazon]
Listen: Karma Police [buy on Amazon]


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