Thursday, March 30, 2006

Beth Orton & M.Ward

This one will have to serve as a thanks to Denise for posting that excellent M Ward cover song (great pict choice too). I have a bootleg of a Beth Orton concert where M Ward opened for her, and then they played some songs together inbetween their sets. They play well together, so here are a few of the tracks to give you a taste. I think Comfort of Strangers is my favorite from these, and from her new album. I seem to remember Dylan (occasional reader, occasionally related) liking M. Ward - maybe he has some more tracks to turn us on to.

Comfort of Strangers

What We Begin (bonus song on the new album)

Buckets of Rain [Bob Dylan cover]

I Want It (or is it I Wonder?)


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Blogger Denise said...

Well, isn't this the beauty of New Music Thursday? I had no idea that Beth Orton and M. Ward toured together despite the fact that I dig them both a lot. And a cover of one of my favorite Dylan tunes, too? That's a hat trick, my friend. Thank you!

3/31/2006 10:20 AM  

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