Monday, March 20, 2006

Late - Ben Folds

First off... yes, this blog is still alive and so am i. I've been swamped with work and life lately, so the muse has had to wait patiently until i returned. Of course it's always nice when someone else posts, but i seem to be the one that bears most of the burden to share new music. I've found alot of new music blogs out there that are worth perusing, but not much new music has caught my ear lately. There are a few songs that i'll share over the next few days (doing it all at once would just be overwhelming). On to the music....

I miss Elliott Smith, and i never even really knew him. This Ben Folds song is a nice lamentation that i seem to be sharing with him lately. Smith was a great, tortured soul that never really made it - at least not in the commercial way that comes with a heap of cash and name recognition. The only song of his that i ever heard before his death was Miss Misery, which showed up on the Good Will Hunting soundtrack and got him an Oscar nomination. Still one of my favorite and most-listened-to songs. He lost the Oscar to Celine Dion, a shame in and of itself.

So what happened to him? He stabbed himself in the heart. Seriously. I always thought that it was because of a lost love, but the reports seem to indicate that it was more likely an arm injury that was ruining his guitar talent. Lost love indeed.

The songs you wrote
Got me through a lot

Just wanna tell you that

But it's too late

It's too late

No, don't you know

it's been too late

for a long time

Listen :


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