Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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In the last few weeks (while i haven't been posting much and everyone's been sorely missing my depressing new music downloads), i've been sifting through lots of other music blogs. I've added a few to the links on the right hand side of this page. So if you ever come here and there's nothing new to catch your fancy, try some of those links. Some people seem to have much more time on their hands than i do. Here are a few of my recent favs...

Mocking Music
These guys seem to follow my own reasoning on music downloads - give people a taste of music they've never heard of, or forgotten about, and hope they buy the albums to support the artists. They tend to pull out obscure tracks and little gems that were passed over by the masses, but not completely offbeat (most of the time). Favorite track from them lately? ... Rufus Wainwright doing a cover of Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows. They also recently did a list of the Overlooked or Forgotten which included Marcy Playground's excellent song, Saturday. You should definitely go get that one.

2 1/2 Pounds of Bacon
I have no idea where they got that title from, but they post some pretty good music despite that. This one seems to go in themes, something we try here on NMT occasionally. They do it up a little better most of the time. Recent favorite? ... the Anti-Sex Revolution, a political rant with a soundtrack.

Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good
This one updates fairly often and covers a broad range, from admitting to being raised on Christian rap, to the Strings Quartet tribute to Led Zeppelin.

This one seems to be hit & miss, but they post so much stuff that it doesn't really matter - eventually you'll find something you like. Everything from Pearl Jam to Amy Grant to Fairport Convention (i've heard they have some fans around here), and lots of eclectic stuff in the middle that even i have never heard of. Mostly full album downloads, though the process for getting the stuff is overly complicated and frustrating to keep them from getting sued.

and as a final note, if you come across any little Google Ads while perusing through these blogs, go ahead and give a few clicks here and there. This usually means an extra dime or so in the bloggers coffee/cigarette fund at the end of the month.


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