Thursday, September 14, 2006

marigold - dave grohl

I found a torrent of Dave Grohl demos a few weeks ago, and downloaded it, hoping to find a few more songs from the Howard Stern show (if you haven't heard that version of Everlong, how do you live with yourself?). This song is the best of the bunch though. I heard it and knew it, and couldn't remember where it came from. Kind of like when you see someone on the street that you instantly remember, but can't think where you know them from, and then it drives you crazy for a few hours until you realize that they're just a waiter at your favorite restaurant and you don't really know them. Like that.

It's a Nirvana B-side, released as part of that box set last year. I didn't know Grohl actually wrote any of the songs when he was in Nirvana. I'm sure there's plenty i don't know. But when i read a review of a recent Foo Fighters concert and the reporter claimed it was the first time they'd play a Nirvana song as part of their set, i felt instantly smarter than him. But not for long.

It's a beautiful song either way.

Listen: [Dave Grohl expired] demo version ... or ... [Nirvana version expired]

special bonus for putting up with my rambling.... this song from the latest Foo Fighters album is supposedly about Dave meeting Kurt for the first time. Coincidentally, it's the one i've listened to the most off of that album.
He's never been in love
But he knows just what love is

He said nevermind

And no-one speaks

Listen: [ Friend of a Friend expired]


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Blogger simply susie said...

Mr. Hobson,

Please sir, more groove. It's Thursday and I need my music fix!

10/12/2006 11:09 AM  
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