Thursday, May 18, 2006

new Pearl Jam

10:45 AM
the new pearl jam rocks dude
joe has changed status to 'all work & no play...'
i was going to buy it either way
tho i cant seem to get into Worldwide Suicide, no matter how many people gush about it
the whole album sounds like the who
i preordered it so i could get a free cd of a show from 92
ah, off their site?
yeah. and supposedly i get a free download the album tonight at midnight
very nice
10:51 AM
i want to see pearl jam this summer
i bought fiona tix, concord show with Damien Rice
i think it's like 5th row
do you like damien rice?
ya, hate to admit it, but i do
it's the drunken irish songs i like the best
yeah i havent really given him the time of day
10:58 AM
so you dont like worldwide suicide
it's just not my fav type of PJ song.. it's more jam and rock. i go more for the acoustic and ballad stuff. then again, they seem to sell more records with the rock so more power to em
i knew you turned gay
just wasnt sure
i thought you knew, after i started liking Coldplay?
that's a total giveaway
and damien rice
oh ya, him too
i'll get the album tho, and i'll just be sure to use it for the right mood
with so much more driving i'm gonna need the extra tunes
there's a really good song on there thats like 7 mins and is a cool ballad
ya, thought there would be. usually are
11:04 AM
RS say it's their best album in 10 years. No Code was almost exactly 10 years ago, so are they just not going to specify the one, or what?
i dont know. i have that RS too and it doesnt really get into it
ive been fairly disappointed with their albums after No Code, tho there are some good songs sprinkled here and there
i like no code
i didnt like the last album
everything else im still into
i just think No Code was the last one that i still listen to all the way thru
such good stuff on it
ya, tons of good ones

listen :

  • Immortality
  • Off He Goes
  • Parachutes (new)
  • ( song links are only good for 7 days or 25 downloads.
    request a repost if you're desperate to listen


    Blogger Juniper said...

    What a clever post!
    Dylan and Joe are the men I admire the most in this whole world.
    And I love their dorky dialog. ;-) hee hee..

    Off He Goes is one of my alltime favorite Pearl Jam tunes, probably #2 on my list. But theres a part in the song that always makes me a little sad. "Now he's home and were laughing, like we always did..." But then he gets the itch to go again and off he goes.
    Not to get all heavy but that part reminds me of my father and how he'd come home, say from jail, and things would be all good for a minute. But then it wouldnt be long before he'd get the urge to take off again.

    Dont get me wrong, I love this song. Its just that one piece that makes me a tiny bit sad. The rest of the song actually reminds me of Ken. :-)

    5/23/2006 9:43 PM  

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