Friday, February 03, 2006

Hate - Cat Power

I really like Cat Power, but i've held myself back a little. Maybe i'm afraid that one more intelligent, affecting, and slightly mournful singer-songwriter(ess) will push me completely over the edge. She's conspired against me this week though, popping up in radio interviews, and Rolling Stones reviews, and then my own iTunes random list (listen to the bonus below). This pushed me to re-subscribe to eMusic (with 150 legal, free downloads to start) to get her last 2 albums, including her latest.

That said, i keep coming back to this song Hate, though Rolling Stone convinced me that it would be too depressing to handle. They're right, and they're wrong. It's a beautiful depression. Go to eMusic and you can get the rest of the album as well.

half of it is innocent
other half is wise
whole damn thing makes no sense
i wish i could tell you a lie.


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