Friday, May 26, 2006

Hey - Red Hot Chili Peppers

I bought the new Red Hot Chili Peppers double-disc the day after it came out, listened to it on the way up the hill, and then promptly lost it. This is just a gentle reminder of why i don't buy CDs. It's not that i don't support the artist; not that i don't have the money; not that i don't want/need the extra stuff around the house (though sometimes this is my best reason).... It's because i just lose them, or forget about them. The music that i pay for seems to be the music that i listen to the least. I put the discs on my desk at home and i haven't seen them since. Everytime i think about them, they're thirty miles away. Everytime i remember that i need to rip the discs and copy them to my iPod, they're nowhere near me.

That said, i finally just downloaded the mp3s from somewhere else and gave the music the listen it deserved. It's not the best album i've ever heard, but it's pretty good, and fits a certain mood i often find myself in - alternating and fluctuating between excitedly jumpin' around, and chillin' on the couch with a drink. So here's a chillin' song for you to try out since that's a nice Friday afternoon mood to be in. Like it? Consider buying the discs... or at least the songs off of iTunes.

You used to be so warm and affectionate;
I used to know just what I wanted and just where to go.
And now you're quick to get into your regret;
And now I walk alone and talk about it when I know...

Listen :


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