Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lover I Don't Have to Love - Bright Eyes

This was the first Bright Eyes song i ever heard, many years ago, on KCRW. It reminded me of the passionate angst of old Morrisey songs, not afraid to wear emotion on its sleeve. I never really listened to much Morrisey other than his/their top 40 stuff, so i don't really know what i'm talking about, but listen to this song and you'll probably have the same impression. This song made me completely obsessed with Bright Eyes for awhile, for better or worse. Later on they labeled it emo music, and it took on a negative conotation, at least to some.

I want a lover I don't have to love.
I want a girl who's too sad to give a fuck.

you write such pretty words
But life's no storybook
Love's an excuse to get hurt
and to hurt

Do you like to hurt?
I do, I do
then hurt me..


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