Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm Lonely (But I'm Not That Lonely Yet) - the White Stripes

So i get the new White Stripes and head off to ride my bike around town on my lunch break. I made it around to the park and stopped at the water fountain for a refill. And this sweet little Hmong lady started hitting on me, enquiring about my marital status, just being friendly. I think she might have been mildly retarded, or drunk, or both. No worries, she was nice. And as i found my way out of that conversation and rode away, this song played. Coincidence?!?

Are you my friend when i need one?
I need someone to be one.
Take anybody i can get.
Sometimes i wanna call you,
I feel like a pet.
And i'm lonely, but i ain't that lonely yet.


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