Monday, July 10, 2006

Great goodness! soundtrack songs.

These are great soundtrack songs that I'm sure some have, but others may not have. These are songs that were better than their movie mostly, but that's how it goes. See 'Lost Highway' for reference. The first song is from a band that I have had dwindling interest in since this song. They are a band that I loved in the mid 90's but since then I have felt that they've just made the same records over and over. They of course are Nine Inch Nails and this song is The Perfect Drug.

The next song was in Jerry Maguire but was popularized in that great scene in Magnolia where all of the cast are singing it. She put out it out on a lackluster live cd/dvd that came out before her most recent studio record. Anyway, great song, great movie.
Wise Up.

This song is really good even for its time frame which was 1995 i think and the movie was Clueless. This band's songs all sound the same but they're not bad in the least. Plus they're called The Smoking Popes.
I need you around.

This song is from a great country artist and is the theme song to one of my most favorite of movies and books, All the Pretty Horses. It's by Marty Stuart and is called, Far away.

No collection of songs would be complete without Drown from the movie Singles.

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