Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Want Cake

This song came on last night when I was hanging out with Juniper and I had an ‘Ah, I love this song…’ moment. We decided it was very bloggable. It’s also a fitting follow-up to my last post because the first time a version of this song found its way to my ears was when one of the younger Almanor campfire crooners sang his version after a hard day’s swimming and sun-bathing...

I’m not a die-hard Cake fan (Well, not the band. It’s a different story when it comes to the metaphorical kind. Then I like to stuff my face and complain to my friends about how much my tummy hurts). But this song is so sweetly ironic.

I had a match, but she had a lighter
I had a flame, but she had a fire
I was bright, but she was much brighter
I was high, but she was the sky

(Got to stop letting my lighter get stolen…)

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